Telepsychiatry and Virtual Reality in the rehabilitation of people with Intellectual Disabilities and ASD Patients

The development of science brings new possibilities, which can be applied in psychiatry. Treatment and rehabilitation of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities is a multidisciplinary challenge, which require implementing new attitudes. The use of modern technology solutions like telepsychiatry or virtual reality may be a valuable addition to the traditional methods. The objective of this review was to explore the usability of new technological solutions in this special population of patients. The search in the PubMed was conducted using the following terms: intellectual disability developmental disability, learning disorder, virtual reality, telepsychiatry, telemedicine, e-mental health. Telepsychiatry may be a useful tool in situations, when the direct access to professional assistance is limited, in solving particular problems like e.g. managing challenging behavior, also to support patients’ parents and for diagnostic and educational purposes. Virtual reality can be a safe and effective method of improving different skills, developing physical fitness, and enriching the ways of spending the leisure time. Using modern technology is a relatively new and promising field in which new ideas may develop to support the already existing services for patients with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Krzysztof Krysta

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